or "Fizzyshop", full of effervescence and the promise of joyful delight!

I am thrilled to have this opportunity to introduce you to Advanced Skin Care & Makeup Collection by PHiZ, and to the "PHiZ-losophy" behind PHiZ products -- the commitment to combat aging, problem skin or simply to enhance the natural beauty of women. 

Phiz Skin Care & Makeup Collection goes a step beyond other brands, enhancing a woman’s natural beauty by highlighting her unique features with ingredients that compliment the skin. Phiz has an extensive collection of makeup products which are oil free or aloe vera based to nurture all skin care types as well as sciencetificallly proven anti-aging skincare ingredients. Phiz Skincare & Makeup is renouned in the beauty industry. Phiz has the latest makeup colors and creates custom blend foundations for every skin type.  Phiz has some of the most beautiful colors for lips, eyes and face powder.




At Phiz, we believe that while a woman is always beautiful, sometimes even Nature needs a little help!





Phiz, Erin Marshall is a professionally certified Makeup Artist and Licensed Esthetician. Erin works with many lovely women. Every woman is on a quest, and Erin will be both your partner and skincare guide, working with you to find the ideal look and perfect skincare routine for your needs.     
Want a lesson? Erin is also a skilled teacher who will demonstrate makeup and recommend skincare routines. Sending you home with sketches and step-by-step instructions, Erin offers custom blended makeup in the latest colors; Anti-Aging and Anti-Blemish Skin Care products by PHiZ.

Erin works her art in a lovely bungalow at Sola Salons. One of the most precious and exclusive salon gems in the Southbay.


"I'm happy to provide 'the look' for the entire wedding party of consult with you on any skincare needs. Be assured my prime focus will always be on you! Whether it's at my bungalow at Sola Salon or the special venue of your choice, I take great pride in ensuring that you will look and feel absolutely gorgeous!"


- Erin