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Dermatologists are getting close to cracking the anti-aging code! It’s the return of Retinoids and Collagen!

"You don’t suddenly age overnight! Radiation has a delayed effect on the skin. The sun that you got years ago is still with you, lurking beneath the surface, and will continue to manifest. As a result, skincare should be measured and ongoing,” says New York City dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross. The new generation of treatments, with results that last, is focused on skin resurfacing and rebuilding collagen. Retinoids is a derivative of vitamin A. This compound has been the “it” ingredient of dermatologists for decades. Vitamin A and Glycolic effectively stimulates collagen production, evens skin tone, refines texture and boosts cell turnover with lasting effect.

“Anytime you use something that builds collagen, you’ll get a global improvement in skin–firmness and tightening, “But using pure retinol isn’t the story any longer. We think of it as a base ingredient to boost or balance it,” says Dr. Gross.

Based on these recent findings, I've assembled a powerful system for you to combat the aging process. It consists of four vital components and I've named it "DA BOMB!" A powerful combination of - Phiz Vitanola A, Phiz Glycolic x50, Phiz Collagen-Elastin Cream, and Phiz Lifting Elixir (to further improve collagen and elastin production).

Okay, now my Special Discount Offer - ALL 4 PRODUCTS $200 [actual Retail Price is $280].

DIRECTIONS: Simple to use. Apply Vitanola A on clean skin twice a day. Lifting Elixir in the morning to tighten and smooth fine lines. Phiz Collagen Cream in the morning before makeup. Glycolic x50 in the evening to treat your skin while you sleep. You are worth it!

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