PHIZ Silky Cleanser is a light foaming cleanser that lifts away dirt and makeup without stripping  natural oils your skin needs to stay healthy and hydrated. 

PHIZ Chamomile Oil is a silky natural oil blend that melts away heavy makeup and will keep your skin creamy soft.

PHIZ Collagen Elastin Cream is a highly effective moisturizer & emollient treatment that soothes and softens your skin and helps improve firmness and elasticity.


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DA BOMB! My Special Discount Offer - ALL 4 PRODUCTS $200 [actual Retail Price is $280]

Dermatologists are getting close to cracking the anti-aging code! It’s the return of Retinoids and Collagen! Based on these recent findings, I've assembled a powerful system for you to combat the aging process. It consists of four vital components and I've named it "DA BOMB!"
$200.00 *

PRO CLEAR+PLUS ($59.95 only - A $90.00 value)

PRO-CLEAR+PLUS is a radical new blemish treatment. Combined with Active Cleansing Gel, Blemish Control Astringent, and Vitamin-B Moisturizer, you will have picture perfect skin for Prom Night.

Use PRO-CLEAR+PLUS daily and your skin will remain clear, beautiful and flawless!

$59.95 *
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